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Growing up in a small town located in the midwest made me want to escape and build something of my own. Build is what I did and continue to do! Friends call me an entrepreneur, developer, and a teacher. I do my best to make sure those are accurate.

I am a big believer of diversifying your income, continued education, and sharing of knowledge.

Started my journey with Blue Black Digital, my web development company to help other businesses grow an online brand. Teaching came from my YouTube channel where I share what I know about programming and business. My next journey is creating a Saas company to further help business owners. Here is a little more about me.

  • Currently living in blistering Arizona 🌵
  • Lover of parks, nature preserves, and hiking 🌲🌲🌲
  • Coffee fuels me ☕

Articles and Podcasts

You can find more about me and what I am doing here.

Talking with the experts podcast

Yahoo Article

Top Web Development Companies In AZ

Blue Black Digital was given the award for Top Web Development Company by Design Rush.

Businesses and Projects

Currently these are the businesses and projects I am a part of.

Blue Black Digital

Web development company created to help businesses create an online brand.

Niche Your Business

Site built to help business owners learn ways to niche their business.

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A Few Youtube Videos

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