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Sales Professionals Wanted

Independent Contractor - No Web Experience Required

Do you know anybody, anywhere in the USA who is looking for a full or part time sales opportunity? If so, share this with them.

Blue Black Digital is an affordable solution for business owners who need a website.

We are currently seeking 2 sales people with the following:

The salesperson role is simple. Sell a new site and earn 10% commission. If you sell $2,000 or over in one week, you will get a 10% bonus.

Minimum site build is $600.

You get paid at the end of the week.

Compensation Example 1:

$1,500 charged to customer x 10% = $150 commission to you for that sale.

Compensation Example 2:

$1,500 charged to customer x 10% = $150 commission to you for that sale.

600 charged to customer x 10% = $60 commission to you for that sale.

Because it's over $2,000: $2,100 x 10% = $210

$150 + $270 = $420 commission

There are dozens of combinations, but those 2 examples should give you an idea of the potential.

You will get paid electronically within one week of the customer paying - no waiting until the site is built and no waiting for a mailed paycheck that you have to take to the bank and deposit.

I will do 100% of the customer billing so you don't have to collect anything from the client. You don't even have to gather the website content! You simply just have to sell the services.

Salespeople can work from anywhere in the USA so share this with anyone you know.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a 1099 Independent Contractor opportunity. There is no base pay, no benefits, no taxes withheld and if chosen for this opportunity, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year. There will also be no expense reimbursement for gas, internet service, cell service or anything else you will need in order to conduct business. Those are expenses you will need to track on your own and claim on your taxes as an independent contractor. You can work whatever schedule you want and contact potential clients in whatever manner you want. There will also be no leads given so you must be skilled at prospecting and generating your own leads.

How To Apply: Click here to email your resume outlining your experience with cold calling, outside sales and/or web experience (not required). Please share your time zone. Tell me in 25 words or less why you think you'd be good in this role.

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