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Is your Facebook location correct?

While running your ads on Facebook to get new clients can be very beneficial. It’s important to also make sure you’re actually targeting the people who could use your services. This article will be a simple how-to on making sure you choose the right location for your audience for your market. Otherwise, you will have annoyed Facebook users wondering why they see your services in Ohio when you’re located in California.

This will not go into detail about how to actually run your ad just how to make sure your location is picked correctly. Just to get this out of the way first, audience is a broad term when referring to your entire ad while location is just the area that your ad will be seen. 

First step is to open up your ad and get to your audience:

Next, choose the little pencil and you will see your location (might need to scroll down a little).

Remove the United States and type in the location you want. You can also type in multiple locations. This location I chose Mesa, AZ. 

The slider lets you shrink and enlarge the circle. This is where your ad should show up. 

That is how you make sure your ad is appearing to your potential clients correctly. Want to see a video version of this? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel 

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